Roof Renovation

Whether you have a large industrial roof needing to be coated or simply a garage, we have the most technologically advanced roof renovation coatings in the world to offer you a waterproof and breathable coating with a 12-20 year manufacturer backed warranty for flat and pitched roof problems.

We will thoroughly clean and repair your roof, allowing the roof and the repairs to fully dry and cure before we apply a coat of primer (the type of primer will depend upon the surface type and condition). When dry this will be followed by two independent coats of our world leading Tileflex 2000® enhanced with Nanotechnology for a perfect finish.

Our roof renovation service will

  • increase property value
  • Extend roof life (20 years life expectancy of coating)
  • Beautify your home
  • Reduce maintenance

Nutech manufactures a wide range of paint and protective coatings for decorative and protective purposes. Our comprehensive and technically advanced range of roof coatings has been developed over more than 30 years as a result of substantial application experience, market research and manufacturing excellence. All Nutech roof renovation products utilize advanced technology and polymer science including our new Silicone flat roof coating.

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