Whisky Mould / Fungus Problems Fixed

Whisky Mould / Fungus Problems Fixed

Whisky Mould
before and after of whisky mould on a house in Alexandria, Scotland

Whisky Mould is very common around Whisky bonds and sometimes around distilleries and bottling plants too but most whisky Mould problems occur near Whisky Bonds as they often have housing built next to them. Whilst Whisky Mould (sometimes called Whisky Fungus in America  or Whisky Black)is not a health hazard in people with good health as reported by Health Protection Scotland after a study in Bonnybridge in 2006, it can be very unsightly growing on walls, roofs, fascias and gutters even on garden furniture,inside lofts and on cars! Some studies suggest that it may cause problems in people with asthma or other breathing difficulties

Whisky Mould  is naturally occuring in the environment but thrives on Ethanol and can be seen growing prolifically on everything around Whisky Bonds turning virtually every surface, even tree trunks  completely black, the closer you are the greater the problem can be especially if the prevailing wind blows the fumes towards your property, we have even seen it creep up rivers to affect properties well away from the source of the fumes. The Ethanol that escapes from the casks during maturation is known as the Angels’ Share.


We have a proven, effective solution for Whisky Mould and have successfully treated a number of properties in Dumbarton, Alexandria etc. A low pressure pressure wash of the Whisky Mould is carried out to remove it from the surface and it is then treated with a blend of Biocides to kill the remaining spores and retard re-growth. Our system has been in use for a number of years now and has proved very effective at stopping Whisky Mould from coming back.


We offer free quotations and advice so please contact us now to see how we can help you or to arrange for a free demonstration, we may be able to show you a property nearby we have treated.

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